Why is My Computer So Slow? Easy Speed-Up Guide for 2019

When you purchase a PC, it may seem very quick and can easily handle lots of tasks without any issue. However, over time you may experience issues with the system which automatically reduce the performance of your PC.

Not only with the older PC reason, but PC can slow down for many reasons. One can fix these issues easily. A PC Cleaner Tool is also available in the market to enhance the working of your system. Below-mentioned is some of the reasons behind the Sluggish Computer.

Table of Content

  1. Numerous background programs
  2. Insufficient space in the hard drive
  3. Computer required a Memory improvement
  4. Corrupted Hard drive
  5. Out of Date Window version

1. Numerous Background Programs

Eliminate any startup programs that start each time the PC performance rises. If you have a security utility, then make sure it does not scan your PC in the background. These programs scan the PC and decrease the performance of your PC.

2. Insufficient Space in the Hard Drive

Free hard drive space is the space amount on the drive that can be written to and that isn’t in use. While space is used to stores files and data, it functions to allow swap file space and virtual memory needed for the programs to operate.

3. Increase Virtual Memory

Virtual memory is the important factor for your PC performance. You can see the above picture to know how to increase your virtual memory size which can result in boosting performance. You can download a PC Cleaner tool to remove all the unwanted programs so that you get enough space in your hard drive.

4. Corrupted Hard Drive

There are many causes for the hard drive to get corrupted. The most obvious reason is an inappropriate shutdown. Many of us ignore this fact but the improper PC shutdown can corrupt your PC. The corrupted drive can further complicate the process of recovering the data later. A fragmented drive means that the processor is not able to access the files that you want as the FAT in your PC has got corrupted.

5. Out of Date Window version

If your PC’s Windows version is not up-to-date, then make sure you have all the trending Windows updates installed in the PC. Make sure all the browser plugins are up-to-date when you use the Internet.

Here are the PC guides 2019 to speed-up your PC easily

1. Limit Startup Processes

A lot of programs install side processes that run every time you begin your system, and some of them are not things you need running on your PC all the time. You can limit the startup processes by using a PC Cleaner for your PC. This tool will remove the unnecessary things and hence speed up your PC easily.

2. Add More RAM

Windows manages memory efficiently than any other OS version, but more memory always can speed up PC tasks. Business and Gaming laptops still allow upgrades of RAM, but that’s becoming rarer. The slimmer, new ultrabooks and convertibles are usually secure.

3. Clean up your Hard Drive

Type Disk Cleanup on the Start menu. Disk Cleanup searches unnecessary files such as temp files, installer files, and offline web pages on your PC and provides to remove them all at once. The Recycle Bin started bulging which generally has a noticeable effect on speed if your drive is getting close to full.

4. Install an SSD

Not does Windows startup advantage, but loading apps happen much faster with an SSD. Windows Store apps can easily be moved from a spinning hard drive to an SSD. To speed up your PC, it makes sense to interchange your internal startup drive, and if you use a laptop, this may also be an alternative.

5. Change Power Settings to High Performance

We accept, this isn’t a good idea if you want to save electricity, but it could increase your PC speed. Go to Control Panel, then System and Security and at last to the Power option. From here, select on the dropdown arrow to “Show additional plans” and at last click High-Performance option.

6. Alter Appearance in Performance Option

You can get to this setting by typing adjust appearance. In this box, you can use the radio option labeled Adjust for best performance without from the long list of checkboxes below these choices. If you do select the overall best performance option, you will lose all of the visual effects.

If you want to make your PC safe, you need to download Smart Sys Care PC Cleaner tool. This optimization tool removes unwanted and temporary files, clears the cache and cookies from browser data, keeps your PC clean and safe, enhances the PC performance, and boost the PC speed by security data. Get this tool installed today to get the best services.

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